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Jun 17, 2020


False Doctrine #5

I'm under attack.

Free Download. Episode 25.

Have you ever gotten sick or heard a negative thought and said I'm under attack, Satins' attacking me?

If you have, your not alone. But fortunately, this is not true.

For too long many of our brothers and sisters in the Lord have blamed the devil for their misfortune. The truth is you and I are responsible for our health and our thought life.  This is great news because that means we can change it. 

Just before the Lord Jesus was arrested, He said to His disciples that the ruler of this world is coming and he has nothing in Me. John 14:30  

The apostle John in his letter said to the saints, I have written to you young men because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you. And you have overcome the wicked one.  1 John 2:14

Notice that it says that they overcome the wicked one because the word of God (The Truth) abides in them. This is how we live a victories life when we know the truth. 


In this episode, we continue with our removing the religious glasses series, and debunk that false doctrine that says I'm under attack. 

* In this episode, you learn what do the scriptures tell us about us and the kingdom of darkness. 

* What is Christian suffering? 

* What was the apostle Paul referring to when he said that Satan had hindered him?

* What does it mean to resist the devil?

* Where do the negative thoughts come from.?

* What about sickness.

Plus a whole lot more...


  • Introduction and why I hate this false doctrine. (3:23)


  • Delivered from the power of darkness. (5:43)


  • Delivered from this present evil age. (7:50)


  • Darkness flees from the light. A testimony from a community of witchcraft. (11:09)


  •  Seated far above ALL rule, authority, power and name. (13:10)


  • Paul said Satin hindered me. What was he talking about? (19:19)


  • What about Ephesians chapter 6. The armour of God. What is that? (30:25)


  • What gives a foothold to the devil? (37:12)


  • Christian suffering. What is it?  (41:27)


  • You have overcome the wicked one. (44:07)


  • Where do wars and fights come from? (46:08)


  • Renew your mind to the Truth. (48:06)


  • Negative thoughts, where do they come from and how to change them? (49:54)


  • The importance of staying in peace. How to do that. (55:40)


  • What about sickness. Where does it come from? (57:27)


  • Take responsibility. A testimony of 2 brothers who did not. (59:27)


  • What's coming up in the next episode. (1:10:57)


Links to previous episodes that I mentioned...

Ep. 24  Where 2 or 3 are gathered.

Ep. 10  How to renew the mind.


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I look forward to ministering to you in the next episode. 

Until then, Obey the Lord, love one another and make disciples.

God Bless you all.