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Jul 24, 2020

Ep. 29

How To Debunk False Doctrines.

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If you want to avoid false doctrines and have a clear understanding of what the Lord is teaching you through His Word, then you need to know and apply basic principles when reading the bible.

In this episode, I will explain the 9 principles, and then apply them to a portion of scripture so we can see how they work together to give us a clarity of the Word of God, I have also made some resources available for you to help you to keep the principles and to strengthen your Bible reading.


***The 9 Principles.***  (4:04)


1. Scripture interprets scripture.                                                        


2. Who is doing the speaking? - Is it Jesus, the Jews, a Gentile, a king.


3. Who is the audience? - The jews or the church.


4. The chapters and verses. (5:00)                                                  Where these chapters and verses came from and the problems they have caused.


5. Read the scripture in context. (7:42)


6. Read other books of the bible. (9:13)                                            The whole picture. Example of Matthew Ch.17 and Mark Ch. 9 


7. What is the subject under discussion?


8. The Culture. (14:04)  - Mans traditions. Example from Mark Ch. 7 


9. The Holy Spirit. (15:24) -Guides you into all Truth - His Word is Truth.     


Applying The Principles To Scripture.

  • Matthew 5-7 (17:55)


  • Who is doing the speaking and who is the audience. (19:04)


  • What is the subject under discussion? (19:42)


  • Read scripture in context. (20:28)

Letting scripture interpret scripture and reading other books of the bible.  (Reading from Chapter 7)

  • What is the narrow gate and why is it difficult?  (24:43)


  • What is the will of the Father?  (32:03)


  • How can men who do not know the Lord cast out demons and prophecy? (35:04)


  • The Culture, Chapters and verses and the Holy Spirit. (42:47)


  • The 9 principles, use them and teach them to others. (44:33)


  • A great resource to stop the tendency to read a few verses or to stop at the end of a chapter. (45:38)


Link to Readers Bibles. No Chapters - No Verses.

Link to Amplified Bibles. Amplify the Word.

Link to Blue Letter Bible.                                                                     

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I look forward to ministering to you in the next episode. 

Until then, Obey the Lord, love one another and make disciples.

God Bless you all.