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Jul 3, 2020

Ep. 27

False Doctrine #7

Get Born Again, Then Get Baptised With The Holy Spirit Ep 27. Free Download.

Are you waiting for God to baptize you with the Holy Spirit?   

 Are you waiting for the anointing to come upon you so that you can minister for God?

Are you still waiting to speak in tongues?

If you have answered  "yes" to these questions, you are not alone. In fact the greater majority of people in the church answer yes to this question.                              The reason for this is because of a false doctrine that says you have to get born again but then you have to get baptised with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.  This false doctrine has come about by 2 verses from the bible. One from John chapter 20 and the other from Acts chapter 1.     

In John 20:22 we read that Jesus breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit. From this one verse, people have assumed that the disciples were born again there. Then we read over in Acts 1:8 were the Lord said, you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come UPON you.                                                                      So from these 2 verses, the assumption is that you get born again by receiving the Holy Spirit, but then you have to have the Holy Spirit come upon you so that you can have the power of God to be a witness for Him. 

But the truth is that those who are truly born of God (born again) have ALL of the Holy Spirit. We don't get a portion of Him now and a portion of Him later, once we are born again then we have all of the Holy Spirit just like the disciples did, just like Jesus did. 

As we continue on our 'removing the religious glasses series' we will see that this false doctrine (like all false doctrines) has come about by taking verses out of context (one of the bible interpretation principles - read scripture in context). 

As we read through the scriptures we see that the Lord said that the Helper (Holy Spirit) would not come until He had gone back to the Father. John 16:7 In chapter 20 the Lord had been raised from the dead but He had not gone to the Father yet. In fact, He remained with the disciples for another 40 days.  So the disciples did not get born again when the Lord breathed on them. Why? Because He had not yet gone to the Father.

So when did they receive the Holy Spirit?

Stay Tuned...

In this episode, you will learn...

  • A recap on the previous episode from our series. (0:49)


  • A false doctrine from 2 verses. (3:36)                    Recieve and come upon.


  • The words that mean the same thing. (6:41)


  • Receive the Holy Spirit - ALL of the Holy Spirit. Speak in tongues and magnify God. (11:34)


  • Jesus Christ in you.  (12:57)                                     The Spirit of Christ.


  • They did not get the Holy Spirit in John chapter 20.  Why? (16:21)


  • Why do some not speak in other tongues or walk in the power of God? (25:05) 


  • Pay attention to the Word of God. (29:03)


  • False doctrine #8 The baptism of fire.  (30:26)          The next episode. 


The Previous episode.

Husbands love your wife like Christ loves the church. (what does that mean).



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