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disciple disciplines

So you want to be a disciple of Christ. You've come to the right place.

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Dec 24, 2018


The Law Of Life.  

Life to your mortal body.

Today we have people who think they have life but actually they are the walking dead.                                            Jesus said let the dead bury there own dead (Matthew 8:22).

Man in his natural human state is spiritually dead even though he can breath,...

Nov 10, 2018

Episode 12.

Can Christians Have Demons.

How You Can Tell.


Is it possible for a born again person to have demons? 

Well if I asked the question can Christians have sickness or disease, the answer would be undaughterly yes. Even though Jesus has paid the price for divine health as well as for sin on the cross.


Oct 13, 2018

Episode 11.


Prayer and Fasting 


Remove Unbelief.

So What Does?

Today a lot of people believe that in order to remove unbelief we must be praying and fasting. That is not so. 

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This teaching has come from Matthew 17. Were because of the disciples unbelief they could not cast out a...

Sep 28, 2018

How To Renew Your Mind.

You will be transformed.

Anyone who has been a regular attendant of a Christian gathering would have heard the teaching that "you must renew the mind."

This teaching is scriptural and is essential to living a normal Christian life. The problem had been that no one was teaching how to do that.  

Sep 14, 2018

Episode 9.

Unity In Marriage -  

Be Of The Same Mind.

Obey the call of God.

Today there are so many Christians couples ending there relationships in divorce. This is very grieving to the Holy Spirit. 

The common reason we see this, is because husband and wife are not sold out for God. Either one or the other or both are...