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Jul 10, 2020

Ep. 28

False Doctrine #8

The Baptism of Fire.


Have you or your church been praying for the "baptism of fire"? Matt 3:11 If you're born again and have been so for long while, then you properly have at some time. 

The reason many are praying for this is that this baptism of fire has been taught that it is a baptism that enables us to live and walk in the supernatural power of God. 

This is a false doctrine that is dis-enabling many who are hungry for a Christian life that resembles the early disciples of Jesus Christ. 

So in this episode, as we go through the Word of God, we will see what Jesus and John the Baptist said about this fire and we will see that this baptism is not a baptism that we (His disciples) want. 

Episode Content.

  • Recap of the previous episode. (0:49)


  • Baptism of fire - (The Advanced baptism). Where did this false doctrine come from? (3:19)


  • John the Baptist preaches repentance and fire. (5:00)


  • The Lord Jesus teaches about the fire. (7:26)  


  • The winnowing fan and threshing floor - What is it and what does Jesus have to do with this? (12:00)


  • We do not want the baptism of fire. Why? (14:10)


  • The Lord Jesus, Saviour and Judge                      Holy Spirit and fire (14:40)


I have been getting some wonderful comments and testimonies from some of you. So I want to say a big THANK YOU for your commitment to your growth in the things of God and for sharing what you have learned and applied to your lives.   

  • Thank you, saints. - Great testimonies. (17:29)


  • The next episode. - Teaching you how you can decipher the Word of God, debunk false doctrines and how you can teach others to do the same. (18:55)

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Spirit within, Spirit upon.


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I look forward to ministering to you in the next episode. 

Until then, Obey the Lord, love one another and make disciples.

God Bless you all.